We present GARDEN ESSENCE as a representation of the return to the essential, to connect with nature.
In recent months, we have learned to value what is really important, moving away from the superfluous.

This idea of blossoming, of starting over, has given us momentum.

A garden needs sun, breeze, space and attention.
It is a game of contrasts, heights, shapes, textures and colors, always wild and natural.
These are the garments of this first garden.
Summer reminds us that we need a break from the routine, from the cold, from the city...
We seek to get away and find ourselves in that place that gives us peace.

This second garden is an ode to the brown of the sand, the blue of the sea, the yellow of the sun and the green of the trees.

And it is in that nature that we dare to be free.
This third garden is carried away by the adventure.

Multicolored prints, sailor stripes, fluid fabrics and colors that breathe summer.

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